Hello :) My name is Angela and I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer in the bluegrass state where I live with my wonderful, loud family and a dog who likes to sleep with my slippers. To say that I have a case of wanderlust would be an understatement! I have been shooting with my Canon for the past three years across the states and have been privileged to work with some FABULOUS photographers over the years who have taught me everything I know. Instagram is one of my favorite things on the planet. Honestly, I would shoot weddings with my Iphone if I could :)

I am so glad you decided to stop by my blog! It was created to share with you the beautiful people and places in my life and it is my hope that you somehow glimpse a little of God’s glory through these photos and words. Enough about me, I want to hear from YOU! Shoot me an email on the Contact page.

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